Friday, January 23, 2015

The Dokta is in!....well almost

It's really close though and although we've not completely finalised pricing (that will be next week hopefully) there's been a lot of requests about the usual pre-order list. So we might as well start one. As usual it'll be non obligation no deposit of course. So if you want to get on the pre-order list just drop an email to with your name and address (so we can work out the shipping when the time comes)

Then within the next two weeks (or less, we are working flat out) you'll get an offer on email as soon as a DrumDokta2 is available, please bear in mind that we only have a limited amount for pre-order, so it will be first come first served.

Of course if you prefer, it shouldn't be much longer before they appear at your favourite vendors (if not you can always ask them to get it for you)

We should have a feature video up here on the site in a day or two so be sure to check back, meantime here's a picture of an assembled unit.



Monday, January 12, 2015

Things are moving along nicely

Here's a look at the production prototype next to its grandfather, thats a panel mock up so it isn't as sharp as the final will be.

pre-orders will start soon, once we've worked out the final costs.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Happy Holidays

Time for holidays at here at DinSync, so here's a proper look at the panel of the DrumDokta2

Production starts mid January so it shouldn't be too much longer before these start making it out in the wild.

Meantime have a great holiday everyone



Monday, November 10, 2014

And in other news, the DRM110

Otherwise known as the DrumDokta, the DRM110 was one of our early limited edition modules. We just found out today that none other than Aphex Twin uses one, see the sound cloud clip below. We are very honoured to see this and pleasantly surpassed of course.

UPDATE: seems like Aphex took the all the audio (and the syrobonkers interview) offline, however if you dig its not hard to find it all ;)

While the original is long since out of production, we are pleased to announce that work is well underway on the MKII version which should be available in the coming months.

Meantime, while we only usually post major news here on the blog, if you want to see sneak peaks and keep up to date with the day to day stuff then why not drop by our Instagram and Facebook pages.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

ModSeq kits are here! (SOLD OUT)

Please note, we only have a limited supply of these and they are only available direct from us here at the blog.

Fancy a bit of DIY? if so we probably have the perfect little project for you. An affordable roto-sequencer you can build yourself.

We've written a manual that should enable anyone with basic soldering skills and some tools to be able to build one with ease. It is quite an easy project, but in case you are in doubt have a look at the build manual RIGHT-CLICK-SAVE it'll show you the kinds of tools you'll need for the kit and what's involved.

If you don't know what the ModSeq is, take a quick look at these videos

These are now sold out, sorry!