Friday, April 27, 2012

I think I need to aFdjust my resonant frequency

I've spent many hours over the years looking at the TB-303 service notes and only recently noticed this typo :-)

4MS SCM tap tempo mod

This simple mod adds a great tap tempo functionality to the 4MS shuffling clock multiplier.

you need a push button
1N914 diode (i didnt have any in my parts box and used a 1n4148 which works fine also)
1k resistor (you dont actually need this but its not a bad idea)

first get rid of the slip jack

I had to whittle the hole out a little to fit the button, be careful here as the metal is very soft (you can do this by hand gently with a flathead screwdriver)

the pics show how to wire it up
the blue wire has a 1k resistor in series,
the yellow wire has the diode in series with the band facing the board
(away from the switch)

basically it takes the power from the output pin of the 5v regulator via a 1k resistor to one side of the switch. The other side of the switch has the extra diode and is soldered to the cathode (the side with the band) of the diode on the pcb that comes from the input jack.

EDIT: I should point out that this may not be the same pcb revision as the current ones selling (it looks different in the user manual) so if in doubt, dont do it ;-)

DDB - DrumDokta breakout patch examples

Here's some patch examples to give you some inspiration for the possibilities of what's possible with the DDB.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

DDB - DrumDokta breakouts now shipping

The first batch of DrumDokta breakouts is completed and ready to ship.

Everyone who bought a DrumDokta was automatically added to the DDB waiting list. A huge chunk of emails was just dispatched which covers almost all of batch one and two of the DrumDokta builds. So if you got a DrumDokta from one of those runs then chances are you just got an ordering email.

If you didn't see the email please check your spam folder.

If you purchased your DrumDokta second hand or just want to check in to see if you should have got an ordering email, feel free to drop me a line on

Monday, April 16, 2012

Project Status Updates.

The DrumDokta run is finished.

Yes that's it! The very last DrumDokta has rolled off the workbench. It was never any secret that it was a limited edition module and as they say, all things come to an end. There are still a few pcbs left over so I may make a few more at some point but not anytime soon.

The DDB build has started.

The DDB build is well underway, please note that this is an expander for the DrumDokta and not a stand alone module. Everyone who bought a DrumDokta direct will get an email in the coming weeks for ordering, those with units from batch one and two will get the now obsolete rean knobs so that they match (yes I saved some) and those from the last batch will get the new style knobs. If you picked one up second hand and want to get a DDB drop me a line on and let me know your serial number to be sure to get the correct knob style.

The VCF303 project is underway.

Prototype pcbs will be here in the very near future, pretty excited about this one and I know a lot of you have been waiting quite a while for it. It's going to be well worth the wait. Drop me a line if you want to get on the waiting list.

The OSC303 will be back!

And finally giving this one a revisit with a MKII version. Not going to give too much away on this yet, but it will feature that ever so lovely not so square, square wave and some improvements over the original.

stay tuned

Friday, April 13, 2012

DDB pcbs are in

Time to go to the clinic! :-D

great news, the build starts next week.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

DDB front panels arrived

The DDB panels just arrived and they look great. Now hopefully I won't get questions about them being black anymore ;-) As you can see they match the DrumDokta perfectly.

Things are moving along quite nicely, won't be much longer until the build starts.

Friday, April 6, 2012

In this pic is a PIC

This PIC (Peripheral Interface Controller) is the brain for the DDB trigger section. A complex trigger is required to shape the clap sound and so this little widget will do the work.

The DDB is progressing nicely, all parts except the panels and pcbs are in. So its now only a matter of time until they arrive and the build starts.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

This has to be one of the best things to happen for the TB-303 in a long time

Social Entropy have just officially announced their TB-303 CPU replacement called Quicksilver. Now while the list of features is very impressive the single best thing about this is that we now have the chance to keep TB-303's going for years to come.

The single most unbobtanium part of the TB is the CPU, and now that problem is now solved.

great work guys!!!

you can see the details here

now we just need the same for the 808 and 909 ;-)


Ripe909 just sent me the official press info, so here it is.

Dallas, TX, April 04, 2012 - After months of testing and development, Social Entropy is releasing the Quicksilver 303 CPU Upgrade. Quicksilver 303 is a complete replacement CPU for the classic TB-303 BassLine Synthesizer. It uses a completely rewritten operating system that enhances and extends both pattern and track modes. All operations can be carried out while the sequencer continues playback. We have strived to maintain the classic feel of the sequencer, while removing the frustration.

Many features have been added to the operating system, with a focus on realtime performance and tweaking.

The sequencer engine supports standard step entry in pitch and time modes, while a new realtime record capability allows patterns to be entered live with the 303 keyboard or a MIDI controller. Editing of pattern information is now simple, with the ability to move forwards and backwards within a sequence while the pattern continues playback. A new chase LED makes it easy to visualize the location of notes in the pattern.

Functions like copy and paste, randomize, extend, rotate and reverse can be applied to pitch or time information independently. Patterns can be transposed in octaves or semitones in both pattern write and play modes. The transpose amount is stored with each pattern.

In pattern play mode, up to eight patterns can be chained for playback. A pattern restart and clock resync function makes sure that the music never stops during live performance!

The extended track mode allows for complete songs to be constructed using patterns. Each track step has settings for pattern transposition, multiple repeats or pattern chains.

Changing between modes can be performed without stopping the sequencer and all data is stored in EEPROM memory, eliminating the need for batteries.

Enhanced MIDI connectivity provides synchronization, sequencer input and output, as well as a new "MIDI Control Mode" which allows the buttons of the TB-303 to be controlled remotely by any device that can send MIDI note messages. Full MIDI System Exclusive support means that pattern and track data to be dumped to external devices for backup or sharing.

USB connectivity is used for easy operating system upgrades.

The Quicksilver 303 is available for immediate purchase. Price for the base CPU is $275 USD, with free installation for a limited time.

For more information, please visit