Sunday, November 28, 2010

TR-606 Repairs

This unit arrived in very poor shape. The case was loose, it would power on but it was impossible to write programs in.

This machine had originally been modified and worked on by a well known circuit bender in the USA, I'll mention no names. They had added individual outputs and a replacement switchboard and frankly done a terrible job of it.

The client had sent the machine back to them several times without any success and eventually decided to send it here.

After disassembling the unit it was apparent how bad a job had been done. Connectors held on by glue? this was not a good sign.

The inside of the case had a lot of battery leakage also.

So it was time for a bath,

and some loving care to restore the unit back to it's former glory. (well except for the purple LEDs of course)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Macbeth M3X Repairs

Just a quick demonstration of a Macbeth M3X I just finished repairing.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Korg iMS-20 demo

Well here's another iPad demo, again I know its not my normal thing but I thought this app would be interesting for you also. This was released today and is currently on sale at 50% of normal price.

What you get is a software MS-20, SQ-10, a drum machine and a mixer. I guess its comparable to the DS-10 on the Nintendo DS.

I've worked on many MS-20's but never owned one, I've literally only had the software for a few minutes before doing the demo, so it's really just a first look and I'm obviously a little lost with it.

One thing I did test (which I'm sure most of you would be interested in) is the filter. It self resonates as expected but it does sound a little stair cased. I suppose this is to be expected with software, though I honestly don't understand why there isn't some form of slew to combat this.

Still it's quite fun to mess around with and certainly one of those apps to play around with on long trips.