Sunday, July 18, 2010

TR-606 and TR-808 pattern sheets

After last weeks post DanG kindly made some more excellent pattern sheets. This time there's one for the TR-606 and two for the TR-808. The TR-808 ones are for 16 or 32 steps, so now you can backup all your patterns. Simply download the sheets and print them out.

Friday, July 9, 2010

TB-303 Pattern Sheet

Here's a really nice pdf pattern sheet which I got from Dylab, you can download and print out. It has room for all your patch data so you can backup all your favorite basslines, very nice indeed.

Be sure to visit DyLab's blog for more TB-303 related topics.

The sheet was orignally designed by DanG who visits here and had this to add.

I designed those many years ago in Visio and gave them away to peff to distribute. I'm glad someone still finds them useful. :)

You can find the original posting along with a 4 pattern per page version at the bottom of peff's Synthesis Archive page here: