Sunday, August 5, 2012

The OSC303 is back! same, same and more

As with the original OSC303 we have the saw and the not so square, square waveforms.

Here's a list of the improvements,

Complete PCB redesign in the style of the DrumDokta and VCF303 (skiff friendly).
Silver anodised,aluminium panel with sub-eloxal print (printed directly into the oxide layer)
Fine and coarse tune.
Now free running.
Much louder outputs (Saw ~10v p-p)
Linear FM with attenuation
Bonus waveform, the not so triangle, triangle.

Available around autumn time, pricing tba but will follow the same philosophy as the original OSC303, (ie as low cost as possible)

The waiting list is open so if you want to get on it drop an email to

OSC303MKII and VCF303, fm from maths.

OSC303MKII and VCF303, DrumDokta+DDB, A-106-5, fm from maths.