Sunday, July 17, 2011

Korg Mono/Poly Acid

Just a bit of fun, the pattern was one of the acid tracks versions i did before (the first one i think) dumped into logic from the midibass II then driving the mono/poly from silent way.

The Mono/Poly sure gets wild after a while. Sorry about it being a bit dark, I need to get a better solution for lighting that side of the studio.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Using Korg SyncKontrol (iOS) as a modular clock

Here's how to use the free iOS app SyncKontrol from Korg with your modular synth.

At the very least you will need to amplify the output and ideally use something like a Maths to control the pulsewidth of the clock, though it will work without one if amplified.

Here's a schematic for a DIY noninverting amplifier.

Download the Korg SyncKontrol for free here

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Modular Techno Noodle

It's been a short while since the last post so I figured I'd upload a little noodle. Everything is created within the eurorack modular and an RE-20 Space echo is also used.

I fast forwarded some of the early parts of the video when creating the percussion (as it takes a little while)

Modules used,

Dinsync OSC303 (x2)
Dinsync VCF303 (prototype)
Dinsync CCCP
Doepfer A-111-5
Doepfer A-117
Doepfer A-106-5
Doepfer A-106-1
Doepfer A-156
Makenoise Maths (x2)
Makenoise QMMG
4MS Rotating Clock Divider
DIY 8 step sequencer
DIY CGS real ring modulator
DIY cv amplifier
DIY OR combiner

and perhaps something I forgot to list.