Monday, November 28, 2011

How to make 10ms triggers for the DrumDokta

Here's a quick tutorial video on how you can make 10ms triggers for use with the DrumDokta. I'm also using a 4ms RCD to sequence the DrumDokta.

There was a little mistake in there, I had the cymbal decay completely closed so you don't hear it. I only noticed that after uploading the video, a bit of a DOH! moment but I guess thats not really that important.

Another thing I noticed is the leds on the ADSR and accent trigger input look a little strange, I guess this is down to the framerate on my camera.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Dokta is in

The first of three batches of the DrumDokta is now shipping. The waiting list is full, however peoples priorites change so a shortlist has been started. So if you want to be added to the shortlist drop me a line on and you'll get an email should one become available in the future.

And yes, it comes with candy ;-)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

DrumDokta PCBs are here!

Finally the DrumDokta PCBs are here, and that means the build can finally begin. Great news!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DrumDokta front panels are in

100 DrumDokta panels arrived today, the doorbell rang as I was in the shower of all things. I ran to the door dripping wet to be greeted by my usual parcel deliverer. "Shit, you caught me in the shower" I said. He chuckled and handed over the parcel.

Oh well, all worth it in the end, all that remains is the PCB delivery and the build can start proper.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DrumDokta DDB2 prototype update

Well those jolly FedEx guys finally got around to finding my shipping, this has caused some delays in the project but things are still on track.

So here's a quick video of the built prototype in action.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Using Maths as a sequential switch for PP+Brains

Ok here's how to make a sequential switch for your PP+Brains if you don't have a Doepfer A-151.

what you need is,

Make Noise Pressure Points + Brains (obviously).
Make Noise Maths.
A clock divider such as the 4MS RCD.
two VCA's with DC coupled in/outputs, such as the Doepfer A-132-1.
Something to make the noise, osc/vcf/vca etc.
A cv mixer or OR-Combiner.
a multiple or stack cables.

Here's how to wire up the patch.

Pressure Points/Brains
First patch a clock/lfo to Brains CLK in.
Patch Pressure Points stage one gate to RCD clock input.
Patch Pressure Points ch2 cv out to VCA1 signal in.
Patch Pressure Points ch3 cv out to VCA2 signal in.

RCD (or equivalent clock divider)
Patch division 1 (or multi the incoming clock) to maths ch1 TRIG
Patch division 2 to a multiple, and patch one signal to maths ch4 TRIG and another to maths ch1 BOTH

patch ch1 OUT to VCA1 cv IN
patch EOR to maths ch4 BOTH
patch ch2 OUT to VCA2 cv IN

set the maths knobs to these settings
ch1 rise full ccw
ch1 fall full cw
cycle off
ch1 response linear
output ch1 attenuverter to taste (adjusting this will transpose the sequence)
set the maths knobs to these settings
ch2 rise full ccw
ch2 fall full cw
cycle off
ch2 response log
output ch2 attenuverter to taste (adjusting this will transpose the sequence)


patch both VCA outputs to a CV mixer (or OR-Combiner) and connect the output of this to your vco/vcf/vca setup.

and thats it, have fun!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

DrumDokta DDB2 breadboard prototype

Here's a quick look at the DDB2 prototype, this will connect to the rear of a DrumDokta to provide hand claps.

sorry about the camera audio, i'll make a proper demonstation as soon as the prototype pcbs are in and built.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

DrumDokta Breakout expansion #1 (DDB1)

Here's a quick look at the first DrumDokta expansion prototype, tentatively named DDB1.

This will add five oscillator outputs, and a four stage OR combiner to the DrumDokta. A useful utility breakout that will enable you to make additional percussion while still playing the standard DrumDokta sounds.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Introducing the DrumDokta DRM-110

So here is the next eurorack offering from, the DrumDokta DRM-110.

At it's core is a 1:1 clone of the old school Boss DR-110. The project started since I was often using more than 50% of my modular just to make drum sounds. Sure there are already drum modules on the market but most take up vast amounts of modular real estate and that's not to mention the price. There had to be a better way I thought.

Then a broken DR-110 came my way (thanks Erwin!) and I thought this could be a good candidate for a module. But alas of course with any 25 year old unit there's always the rare parts. After quite some searching I was able to obtain a decent quantity of them. Seven bread-boads worth of spaghetti later it was time to make some prototype PCBs, a few revisions of those and a test panel or two later and here it is.

The one pictured is the third revision prototype. The production model will have a silver anodized aluminum panel and the depth will be around 10mm less then in the pictures, so it’ll be skiff ready.

As with what seems to be the trend with my modules, this will most likely be a limited edition. The first units should be available for shipping in around two months time so if you want to be added to the waiting list drop me a line on to reserve your place on the list.

Anyway I’ll be releasing more videos in the near future showing the module a little more in depth and some of its features as well as posting more information about the forthcoming breakout modules for it.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Korg Mono/Poly Acid

Just a bit of fun, the pattern was one of the acid tracks versions i did before (the first one i think) dumped into logic from the midibass II then driving the mono/poly from silent way.

The Mono/Poly sure gets wild after a while. Sorry about it being a bit dark, I need to get a better solution for lighting that side of the studio.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Using Korg SyncKontrol (iOS) as a modular clock

Here's how to use the free iOS app SyncKontrol from Korg with your modular synth.

At the very least you will need to amplify the output and ideally use something like a Maths to control the pulsewidth of the clock, though it will work without one if amplified.

Here's a schematic for a DIY noninverting amplifier.

Download the Korg SyncKontrol for free here

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Modular Techno Noodle

It's been a short while since the last post so I figured I'd upload a little noodle. Everything is created within the eurorack modular and an RE-20 Space echo is also used.

I fast forwarded some of the early parts of the video when creating the percussion (as it takes a little while)

Modules used,

Dinsync OSC303 (x2)
Dinsync VCF303 (prototype)
Dinsync CCCP
Doepfer A-111-5
Doepfer A-117
Doepfer A-106-5
Doepfer A-106-1
Doepfer A-156
Makenoise Maths (x2)
Makenoise QMMG
4MS Rotating Clock Divider
DIY 8 step sequencer
DIY CGS real ring modulator
DIY cv amplifier
DIY OR combiner

and perhaps something I forgot to list.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Acid Tracks" in 5 mins Redux

After chatting last week with Dylab from about getting Phuture's Acid Tracks transcribed properly he sent me this picture.

This one was transcribed by Shaggie, and it would seem he nailed it, so I thought it could be fun to do another Acid Tracks in 5 mins. (Ok it's not actually 5 mins, more like 4 and a half)

Anyway, what you hear is the TR-707. TR-727 and the TB-303. As per the original everything is drenched in reverb and I added a very slight tube distortion on the TB-303 since on the original recording it sounds a little driven.

Sure this jam is not 100% perfect but certainly very close, enjoy!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Buchla Bongos on Acid

Just a bit of fun, here's the details. TB-303 Special Edition
MPC1000 TR-707 kick
Bongo #1 Doepfer A-111-5 fm'd internally -> Makenoise QMMG Ch4,
Bongo #2 OSC303 fm'd by Makenoise Maths -> Makenoise QMMG Ch3
Hats Doepfer A-117 -> Doepfer A-106-5
Cowbells Doepfer A-117 -> Doepfer A-106-1
Additional drums Boss DR-110
FX Boss RE-20 Space Echo, Boss PH-3, Behringer VD400

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Roland TB-303 Special Edition

This has been a while in the making, I'll post up a video with some audio when I get a chance, meantime here's some 303 porn.

p.s. it's not for sale ;)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

OSC303 sold out (again)

Well the second and final run is finally over. That's really it now, time to move on to the next modules. The CCCP project is going on the back burner for now and work will soon begin on new modules (which I'm not going to mention just yet).

Will there ever be any more OSC303's made? unlikely, though I suppose we should never say never. At this point if you have one hold on to it. Of course it's no future classic but since there was only a relatively small amount made one would hope they will at least retain their value.

A big thanks to everyone who bought one, It was a real pleasure bringing them to you.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

OSC303 batch two (final run) starting to ship

The second and final batch of OSC303 is starting to ship, it'll be a few weeks until I've managed to get through the entire waiting list but feel free to drop me a line on if you wish to check if your ordering email has been sent out already.

This will be the final run of this module, once they are gone they are gone! there will probably still be a small amount left after the waiting list is completed so again drop me a line if you wish to be added.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Muffwiggler meeting in Copenhagen

What a blast, a big thanks to everyone who came, it really was a lot of fun. Extra thanks must be given to Wetterberg for the organisation. Looking forward to the next one.

Ok so here's some videos and pictures from the event, I'd type more but I'm pretty tired now ;-)

The way home.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Batch two well under way

Here's a pic of some of the second batch OSC303 modules in various stages, looks like a little army :-D

Won't be too much longer until the first units from this run are shipping.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The OSC303 second batch build has begun

Just a quick update to say that the build for the second batch has begun, hopefully it's just a few short weeks until the first units start shipping. Right now I'm just waiting on a few bits from my suppliers.

As with last time, there is a waiting list due to the limited nature of this module. So if you want to be sure of getting one drop me an email on to be added to the list.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

OSC303 SOLD OUT (well the first run is at least)

Here's a picture of the last OSC303 to be shipped from the first run.

It's not over though since I have managed to secure another batch of the rare components to do a modest second run of OSC303's before the CCCP version goes into production.

So if you want to be sure of getting hold of an OSC303 drop me an email on to get on the waiting list and let me know if you want an OSC303 or a CCCP.

The next batch will hopefully be ready to ship within a month.

A big thank you to everyone who already bought one.


Friday, February 4, 2011

Citric Acid OSC303 jam

Just got this from Citric Acid who received his OSC303 in the mail today, really nice to see (and hear) and I figured i'd share it here.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

OSC303 starting to ship

The first units are now shipping, if you are on the waiting list and you didn't receive a notification email you should be getting one within a few days (if not already). If you think you should already have one perhaps check your spam folder or feel free to drop me a line to check if you made it to the top of the list yet.

It'll be a few days until I've completed the list and yes again there are still some places available so you know what to do if you want one of this batch ;-)

The burn in test for the modules before calibration.

and here's whats going out the door this week.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

OSC303 build well under way

As you can see I'm on schedule for the planned February release of OSC303. Since this module is limited edition it will begin shipping next week for those already on the waiting/reminder list, the demand for which has been quite high. Once the list is completed I'll announce it for general release.

There are still places left so as mentioned in the previous post, if you want to get on the list just drop me an email if you want to be sure of getting one of this batch.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Getting closer

The panels have arrived finally, here's a little teaser pic of the final design. The CCCP one is a future module that wont be released just yet. Basically CCCP is OSC303 built with alternative parts, it sounds just as good but obviously it's not as authentic.

Since OSC303 is a 1:1 clone of the TB-303 oscillator getting the correct parts is difficult, so essentially it will be a limited edition. When supplys start to run low CCCP will phase it out.

If you want to get on the reminder list drop me an email on and you'll get an email when one is available.

If all goes well the first units should begin shipping next week!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another x0xb0x makeover

Another x0xb0x arrived on my workbench. The machine wasn't functioning and the client wanted it repaired and fitted into an aluminium enclosure. Here's what it looked like pre-op.

The CPU was shot and there was various small problems. The builder of this machine had neglected to put a socket in for the CPU. So it was time to cut out the old one and put the new one in with a socket. I also started to replace the flying leads since Substyler kindly enclosed a set with the case kit.

If you look closely at the bottom of the power PCB you'll notice a few of the component legs hadn't been trimmed flush. Since there's not much room in the alu case these had to be trimmed.

I fitted rest of the flying leads to the power PCB.

And fitted the sockets to the main board and connected it all up.

Then it was a matter of installing the case, here's the end result.

And here's a small video of the machine in action post-op, along with a little TR-909 on the side.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A quick look at things to come

Now you probably saw this post where I did a small demonstration of OSC303 and VCF303. Anyway I just received this picture from Pro-Modular who are making the panels for OSC303 so I thought I'd share it with you.

There will be a few subtle revisions but for the most part this is what the first eurorack module will look like.

This should be shipping at the start of next month, more details and specifications soon.