Thursday, October 24, 2013

I was supposed to post something, but I forgot.

If you've been watching the facebook page you may have noticed us posting images then deleting them. It was all about memory, and our new module called Amnesia. Here's the picture that was posted and deleted.

Ok you might have guessed, Amnesia is the trigger equivalent of the ModSeq.

What we have here is an 8 step trigger sequencer. It has no tracks or memory hence the name and is aimed at being used for live performances. Works equally well with drums, great with lpgs or any other trigger duties. The clock thru is buffered, so you could use it to multi your clocks, or just buffer any signal. Here's a couple of quick demo videos I made of the prototypes, camera audio (sorry) and I'm sniffling away from having a bad cold that week.

Oh and ok I lied, it does have memory but only 8 bits of it, can you figure that one out?

Amnesia should be available in about 4-6 weeks or so from your favorite outlets, pricing TBA, however it'll probably be a little more than the ModSeq due to the cost of the illuminated buttons.

Of course if you want to get one direct from us, drop an email to to get on the pre-order waiting list and you'll get an email as soon as they are available.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

There goes the summer

It was fun, but back to work now...

There are new modules in the pipeline, some official news on this soon, I promise ;)

Meanwhile check out these interesting items, a couple of friends from Gothenburg here in Sweden have started a DIY eurorack company. I've been lucky enough to get parts from them of some of their forthcoming kits and so far I've built the OptoDist. I should note that the one in the picture isn't how they ship as standard, I added the blue of course.

Anyway as well as the Opto Dist, there are other kits such as Woflter, Vertmix, Ampmix, Attmult, DTSwitch, VC Sequencer. All of them sound interesting indeed and from what I gather the kit prices will be very reasonable indeed. So if DIY is your thing hop over to and check them out. I think their webshop will be online within days.

Talking of other interesting things, in case you missed this I managed to get my grubby mits on a Sid Guts, here's a video of it against some ModSeqs and a bit of maths.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sync Up 2013

So last week a few of us met up for a small modular meeting at the DinSync HQ. Essentially we spent the day "wiggling" and here's some of the highlights. Please bear in mind this is all just live jamming, with some very random moments. Take 5 is probably the most epic as its around two hours long and has everyone who attended taking part in some way or another. All in all it's just a bit of summer fun (man it was hot in here, so hot, we literally set off the fire alarm), and yes for Sync Up 2014 we will invite more people in advance...and find a bigger setting ;-) enjoy the files Take 1 Take 2 Take 3 Take 4 Take 5 Take 6

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New batch of VCF303s

A new batch of VCF303s are ready, most of these are heading out to the shops, but there is a small amount left over here so if you want to buy one direct just drop us a line on

The usual suspects will have these in stock soon so if you prefer you can drop them a line on the following links to reserve one.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Connecting the MS-20 Mini to eurorack via an English Tear

This arrived this week. It's an English Tear, new module forthcoming from The Harvestman. It's basically a converter module so that you can use to convert eurorack 1v/oct to ms-20 Hz/Volt and vice versa.

Pretty handy if you have a eurorack and an ms-20 mini, here's a quick demonstration video of using it to interface a Rene..

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Another run of the VCF303

These will be ready and heading to shops towards the end of July. Of course you can always drop us a line on if you want to reserve one.

Friday, May 24, 2013

My Gift to You

What's the use of making music if no one hears it?

Well of course it's fun to do, but since I was in the past involved in the music industry, (in a very small way I might add) everytime I make something half decent that thought of sending demos out to labels comes back. In the real world, I've long lost the stamina of doing such things, vinyl is dead (ok its not but that's another debate) and mp3 labels are ten a penny.

So back to the point, here's a track I made quite some time ago and posted on soundcloud, a few people listened and there were a couple of nice comments. So i figured I'd post it here and enable downloads on it.

So have a listen, if you like it download the wav file and put it on a cd or make an mp3 from it, whatever you like (unless you are making money from it of course)


Thursday, May 16, 2013

A close up look at the new Korg MS-20 Mini

I got fed up with the waiting times and managed to pick up an MS-20 Mini from Japan, so I figured I'd run through some of the things that haven't yet been mentioned in previous videos. Also I show how to make a cheap V-Trig to S-trig converter so that you can use normal gates to trigger the Mini. Finally a trick to use a standard cv/gate sequencer with the Mini with something unexpected as the converter!

Overall I'm very pleased with the unit, the build isn't as solid as the original but the keybed is better for sure. Still at this price there's really nothing to grumble about.

So here's the pics of the partial teardown I did, doesn't seem to be any magic points marked on the silkscreen like on the monotron/tribe but it's always possible there is something on the component side, i'll let someone else discover that ;)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Its now even easier to get modules

Now you can order modules at these great stores. Of course you can still buy them direct from us here and we will still have a pre-order waiting list for the new modules when they come. So you can still be amongst the first to get them before they hit the shops.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Monotribe CV/Gate Jacks

Korg recently released an update to the monotribe OS and there has been a lot of chatter on the Muffwiggler forum (click the link for details on where to get the OS, how to install it and enable the CV/Gate)

The main drawback is that in order to get this to work you need a 4 pin mini jack. I dont have any of those around so I figured I'd just add some jacks.

Here's a few pics of the install and solder points, and a quick video demo of the monotribe being driven by a ModSeq (sorry about the camera audio).

Some points to note, first I wired up also for CV/Gate output, this is not yet fully working, I'm hoping it will in the future so I figured I'd wire it up while i was there. The Gate out does work at least (its just the sync out really)

It also seems that the sync in jack is switching, so that if there isn't a jack inserted to sync in then you wont be able to advance the sequencer with the gate in (like you could with the cable) The work around for this is that you can use the gate out (or the sync out jack) to clock your external seq then just mult that to an envelope and send it all back to the monotribe cv/gate ins. I may check this out later to see if I can add a switch.

Anyway, big ups to the muffwigglers on this one, cheers guys!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

MODSEQ now shipping

Just a quick update as the first batch of MODSEQs is now shipping. Mails have been sent out so if you were expecting one its time to check your spam folders. There's still room to get on the list so if you wish to be added drop us a line on

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Introducing the MODSEQ

Here's a quick demonstration of the first eurorack offering this year, it's the MODSEQ. An 8HP eight step roto sequencer with a difference, it only has four knobs!

Essentially the MODSEQ is aimed at those times you need an extra sequencer for doing modulations, the effect is something akin to a sample and hold, but programable rather than random.

Of course adding a clock divider and patching up the reset alows you to use it as a standard four step sequencer. You can even drive the clock at audiorates and use it as a square wave oscillator.

These will be shipping in around three weeks, and as usual the waiting list is now open, pricing tbc, but it most likey be our cheepest offering to date. So if you want to get on the waiting list, drop a line to