Thursday, February 4, 2010

Roland MC-202 Semi Modular Mod

A quick demonstration drone from my latest project. A semi modular modification for my Roland MC-202. The mod includes CV inputs for pitch/gate (bypassing the internal sequencer) VCF frequency and pulsewidth. CV outputs for LFO sine, LFO triangle and adsr ENV. Raw oscillator outputs for Square, Saw, Triangle, Sub mix (whatever the sub switch is set to) and all three Sub types. Audio input to VCF and VCA.

The drone patch is made by outputting the raw square and saw into a Doepfer A-106-1 Extreme filter, cv and gate outs from the MC-202 also trigger an A-111-5 Mini Synth module (A-100 Module version of Doepfers new desktop synth Dark Energy). Two LFO's (one inverted) are modulating the A-106-1 .The MC-202 LFO is modulating pulsewidth on the A-111-5. The A-106-1 outputs to the MC-202 VCF input, whch then goes into a stereo delay. I think thats all..i may have missed something ;-)

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