Saturday, February 6, 2010

Roland MC-202 Triangle Output Modification

How to tap into an extra waveform on the Roland MC-202 and what you can do with it once you've done so.


  1. Great guide, thank you! Some questions on the subject:
    1. With the 100k attenuator set to 0, will there still be some residual triangle sound coming through to the VCF?
    2. How many VCF inputs can we add?
    3. By adding another 100k resistor for each input?
    4. Can we add feedback to the VCF input?
    5. Can we add some other external audio into the VCF input?

  2. 1, should be no bleed
    2, as many as you want? but its not going to have headroom for much if you think about it
    3, that would be the way
    4, you could try, but the filter resonance already self oscillates so it would be simpler just to turn up the resonance
    5, sure

  3. Thanks, tried all of the above. Even processed external audio though the filter. Expectedly, the sound goes through only with the keys.
    Compared to other wave forms, triangle is about 75% when added to the mixer through 100k resistor.
    Feedback sounds almost like adding a bit more resonance to the filter.

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