Friday, March 26, 2010

Making drum sounds with an SH-101 and MC-202

Making drum sounds with an SH-101 and MC-202 with a little help of a TR-606. So I finally have my studio rebuilt and so I'm able once again to make videos. This time I'm showing how to use the SH-101 and MC-202 as percussion instruments. In the example I'm using a TR-606 to send triggers but you could use any trigger source to do this. If you don't have external triggers you could use the machines internal sequencers to trigger the sounds.


  1. i often do this but with help of live 8's looper - much fun and the occasional track result

  2. and here's something I did after getting inspired to sit down with the sh101 for an evening or two -

  3. thank u for showing me how to make these fuckin things work dude.