Friday, April 9, 2010

How to program a Roland TR-606

This time I'm showing how simple programming a Roland TR-606 is. I show how to write patterns, edit them and set their length. I also show how to write them into tracks.


  1. Good video again.. Now as with the last one I do have some additions to make for diehard hardware geeks. First of all it's very easy to 'realtime' enter the sounds just using the Write/Next button instead of the individual steps. You could also explain how to use the bar selector buttons and delete and insert commands below the keys in combination with the function key.. As these are very important if you made a mistake or have to change something in track mode. Setting the sign to "jump" to a place in track mode is also very useful for live performance. There might be more information but I never read the manual for this baby. Check my freeware sync software on to make the 606 shuffle ;)

  2. Hi! I'm trying to program a track as you do from around 6mins on - though I follow the steps you have (track write, choose track, pattern clear, RUN/STOP etc.) the pattern plays straight off when I press RUN/STOP and continues when I press WRITE/NEXT. The light starts jumping to other patterns on it's own. When I play the track it's nothing like what I've tried to do and seems to choose where to go at random! Do you reckon it's faulty or am I doing something wrong? Other functions work fine.

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