Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New TB-x0x panels based on my original design

I'm sure some of you have already seen my custom TB-x0x overlay for my x0xb0x. I made a couple of these with the help of Jeff at Custom Synth. Here's a picture for those that haven't seen them.

The old panel

As you can see the design is based on the TB-303. Now while it looks very nice there's a few problems with it. First its an overlay, which means you have to stick it on your existing panel. Also the overlays weren't 100% perfect when it came to alignment, if you look closely you can see some of the original panel around some of the holes. Finally since its printed onto vinyl the text isn't as sharp as I'd like it to be.

The overall effect is nice, but it could be better. However there is now a silkscreened version thanks to x0xsh0p. Recently Substyler who runs x0xsh0p approached me and asked permission to reproduce my design. In the spirit of the x0xb0x (open source) I of course agreed and I also helped him out with a few photos of my TB-303 to make the logo a little more accurate. Once they were complete he very kindly sent me one free (thanks man!!) and I've just installed it. Here's a picture of the new panel.

The new panel

At first glance of the pictures they look almost the same, but with close inspection you'll see the new panel is silver anodized with a nice black silkscreen. It fits perfect and the text is sharp and clear. And with the new more accurate logos it really takes the old design to a new level. Substyler did a really great job on these and I hear there will also be black versions in the future. So if you are interested in getting one of these or perhaps some other x0xb0x related items drop by Substylers webshop. He has all sorts of x0x stuff in stock including everything you need to build your very own x0xb0x.

Transistorize the World!


  1. Yes, these are great!! I'm glad i have one.

  2. I cant see it on his webshop?
    Anyway, is the source file available anywhere? I'm helping with a custom x0x with different firmware (so I need different labels under the buttons) and this would be a good start. Ofcourse the firmware & layout will be shared in the spirit of open source. Let me know where I can find it. Thanks

  3. haha patience isn't my best friend, I already started drawing it myself yesterday.. almost there ;) So no need for the file anymore..;

  4. sorry I missed your comments man :-P you'll have to ask Substyler since he did the extra work.

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