Friday, May 14, 2010

Using Silent Way

I just bought these excellent plugins so I figured I'd make a quick demonstration of some of the features. The software includes many different plugins that are useful to anyone with modular gear and an audio interface that is DC coupled.

Full details of the software package are here

There's also a list of supported interfaces here.

The whole package is simply put, awesome. However one thing to consider is that while the plugins themselves don't have any latency they do use the audio outputs to create the control voltages. What this means is that the control voltage will be delayed by the size of your audio buffer. If you have a host that has plugin delay compensation then you can use the latency fixer tool available free at the Expert Sleepers website which allows you to delay any track by any amount you wish.

Using the latency fixer I was able to get comparable results with the voice controller to my hardware midi to cv interfaces. You can download a time limited demo of Silent Way here

All in all a great package and priced at $50 it's also excellent value.


  1. Nice. I didnt realize there were soundcards that did DC output. Interesting post Phono!

  2. How hard was the set up? Their video 'tutorials' are pretty bad. I'm trying a demo right now and I can't get it to go running a MOTU 2408.

  3. pretty simple, you need to setup an input from the synth in the plugin and set the track to output on the channels you will use for cvcontrol

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