Sunday, July 18, 2010

TR-606 and TR-808 pattern sheets

After last weeks post DanG kindly made some more excellent pattern sheets. This time there's one for the TR-606 and two for the TR-808. The TR-808 ones are for 16 or 32 steps, so now you can backup all your patterns. Simply download the sheets and print them out.


  1. Hey DinSync!
    Can you please repost these pattern sheets? The links no longer work.
    Thanks and I'll see you on IG!

    - JUKE179r

    1. the host is down, ill see what i can do :/

    2. Hey, hi there; I was also trying to download one of those pattern sheet pdfs, but can't pull them down. Would it be possible to repost, or to point me to the corner of the web where I might find them?

      Thanks for sharing them!


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