Sunday, November 28, 2010

TR-606 Repairs

This unit arrived in very poor shape. The case was loose, it would power on but it was impossible to write programs in.

This machine had originally been modified and worked on by a well known circuit bender in the USA, I'll mention no names. They had added individual outputs and a replacement switchboard and frankly done a terrible job of it.

The client had sent the machine back to them several times without any success and eventually decided to send it here.

After disassembling the unit it was apparent how bad a job had been done. Connectors held on by glue? this was not a good sign.

The inside of the case had a lot of battery leakage also.

So it was time for a bath,

and some loving care to restore the unit back to it's former glory. (well except for the purple LEDs of course)


  1. This was nasty! I can't wait to get it back WORKING. It took over a year of sending and resending back to Florida to get this thing fixed. The guys were polite enough, they "tried" 4 times to "fix" the unit. They did refund my money and shipping, but my 606 never worked.

    I'm happy to have Paul bring it back to life and look forward to it's arrival!

  2. Got my 606. Guess what. IT FREAKING ROX! Thanks so much Paul. It's rock solid, works perfectly, sounds GREAT and you did it in one try LOL... not like the numerous trips this machine took to Florida and NEVER got fixed.

    This baby is mine!

  3. Hi Paul, Quick question, how do you give the 606 a bath ? with classic soap ? or do you use a nother kind of soap ?

  4. dish soap seems to work best for me, gets the grease out and doesn't harm the finish. Just make sure its completely dry in all the nooks and crannies before reassembly

  5. thanks .. will try to clean my 606 and 202 .. :)

  6. Any clues on how to troubleshoot the "it would power on but it was impossible to write programs in." part? I have bought a unit in bad shape, it powers on, the start LED lights up, but you cant switch between bank 1 & 2 and cant select patterns (they dont light up)
    Any suggestions most welcome!

  7. Hello. Impressive work. I have a TR606 that sounds good but has a strange problem with writing. It seems to write notes in pairs. This is for all sounds. I.e. if you press the #1 note, the #5 note also writes; (and reverse) When you press #8 note the #4 note writes. This goes for #6-16 as well. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you.

  8. Sorry to open up an old post but how did you remove the battery corrosion so well?

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