Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Synovatron DIY Eurorack prototyping kit

Hope you are all having a nice holiday. Here's a quick overview of the DIY kit#1 I just received for evaluation from Tony at Synovatron.

All in all its a great little tool for those of you that like to DIY your modulars, I'll be doing a follow up video at some point so keep your eyes on the blog to see what I make with this kit.

Here's the details of what you get with the kit,

Eurorack Modular Synth Prototyping Kit 1

This is one of the new Eurorack standard modular synth prototyping kits for synth constructors and enthusiasts; these kits will enable you to make neat prototype or one-off projects that accomodate bracketed pots, PCB mounted jacks, switches and LEDS so that they can be easily mounted to a module front panel. The idea is that you build your designs on the prototyping boards supplied and get the front panel manufactured separately, either by yourself, or by a company such as Schaeffer (A Schaeffer template file can be provided that you can use directly or can modify as you require). The PCB header and ribbon cable assembly is compatible with Doepfer power bus connectors and supports CV, Gate and +5V connections too.

This kit comprises the following components:-

* 1 x DIY1 prototyping circuit board (104.3mm x 47mm x 1.6mm) with dedicated pot, bracket, header and capacitor locations, power rail bussing and a 0.1" matrix breadboarding area
* 5 x control pots (50k linear supplied as standard but 10k linear, 100k linear, 1M logarithmic or a mixture are available upon request - ask about availability)
* 5 x pot mounting brackets
* 2 x 100nF decoupling capacitors
* 2 x 16-pin headers

* 1 x DIY2 prototyping circuit board (100mm x 20.3mm x 1.6mm) with dedicated jack socket and/or toggle switch locations and a 0.1" matrix breadboarding area
* 5 x 3.5mm jack sockets

* 1 x DIY1 to DIY2 linking ribbon cable assembly (16-pin IDC socket to 16-pin IDC transition, 75mm long)
* 1 x standard ribbon cable assembly (200mm long)

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  1. Thanks for the review Paul, I'll be interested to see what you build with it your next video. I just received your module which I'm looking forward to powering up and playing with a little later today. A very happy New Year to you.
    Best wishes Tony

  2. cheers Tony, sorry i said jacks when i ment pots lol :-D

  3. No worries Paul, I knew what you meant :)
    It's good to have the exposure.