Tuesday, April 12, 2011

OSC303 sold out (again)

Well the second and final run is finally over. That's really it now, time to move on to the next modules. The CCCP project is going on the back burner for now and work will soon begin on new modules (which I'm not going to mention just yet).

Will there ever be any more OSC303's made? unlikely, though I suppose we should never say never. At this point if you have one hold on to it. Of course it's no future classic but since there was only a relatively small amount made one would hope they will at least retain their value.

A big thanks to everyone who bought one, It was a real pleasure bringing them to you.



  1. Great module! It was a hit right out of the gate!

  2. Can't wait to hear what the next module is!

  3. Good work mate - I underestimated how much work there is in bringing a module to market. Did you do the pcb assembly yourself or did you sub it out?


  4. @Tony, did everything myself. It's been a hectic few months indeed. Just enojying a brief restbite now :-)