Saturday, September 10, 2011

Using Maths as a sequential switch for PP+Brains

Ok here's how to make a sequential switch for your PP+Brains if you don't have a Doepfer A-151.

what you need is,

Make Noise Pressure Points + Brains (obviously).
Make Noise Maths.
A clock divider such as the 4MS RCD.
two VCA's with DC coupled in/outputs, such as the Doepfer A-132-1.
Something to make the noise, osc/vcf/vca etc.
A cv mixer or OR-Combiner.
a multiple or stack cables.

Here's how to wire up the patch.

Pressure Points/Brains
First patch a clock/lfo to Brains CLK in.
Patch Pressure Points stage one gate to RCD clock input.
Patch Pressure Points ch2 cv out to VCA1 signal in.
Patch Pressure Points ch3 cv out to VCA2 signal in.

RCD (or equivalent clock divider)
Patch division 1 (or multi the incoming clock) to maths ch1 TRIG
Patch division 2 to a multiple, and patch one signal to maths ch4 TRIG and another to maths ch1 BOTH

patch ch1 OUT to VCA1 cv IN
patch EOR to maths ch4 BOTH
patch ch2 OUT to VCA2 cv IN

set the maths knobs to these settings
ch1 rise full ccw
ch1 fall full cw
cycle off
ch1 response linear
output ch1 attenuverter to taste (adjusting this will transpose the sequence)
set the maths knobs to these settings
ch2 rise full ccw
ch2 fall full cw
cycle off
ch2 response log
output ch2 attenuverter to taste (adjusting this will transpose the sequence)


patch both VCA outputs to a CV mixer (or OR-Combiner) and connect the output of this to your vco/vcf/vca setup.

and thats it, have fun!


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