Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DrumDokta front panels are in

100 DrumDokta panels arrived today, the doorbell rang as I was in the shower of all things. I ran to the door dripping wet to be greeted by my usual parcel deliverer. "Shit, you caught me in the shower" I said. He chuckled and handed over the parcel.

Oh well, all worth it in the end, all that remains is the PCB delivery and the build can start proper.


  1. hi I've been trying to email you but it keeps getting rejected , I was wondering if the is a waiting list for the dd110, any idea how much it is likely to be ?
    will it run off +-15v..


  2. hi Jo, im glad you posted that, i didn't realise the email was bouncing. I'm currently working to resolve this. Meantime you can drop me an email at phono1337[at]gmail.com

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