Saturday, January 12, 2013

Introducing the MODSEQ

Here's a quick demonstration of the first eurorack offering this year, it's the MODSEQ. An 8HP eight step roto sequencer with a difference, it only has four knobs!

Essentially the MODSEQ is aimed at those times you need an extra sequencer for doing modulations, the effect is something akin to a sample and hold, but programable rather than random.

Of course adding a clock divider and patching up the reset alows you to use it as a standard four step sequencer. You can even drive the clock at audiorates and use it as a square wave oscillator.

These will be shipping in around three weeks, and as usual the waiting list is now open, pricing tbc, but it most likey be our cheepest offering to date. So if you want to get on the waiting list, drop a line to