Friday, March 1, 2013

Monotribe CV/Gate Jacks

Korg recently released an update to the monotribe OS and there has been a lot of chatter on the Muffwiggler forum (click the link for details on where to get the OS, how to install it and enable the CV/Gate)

The main drawback is that in order to get this to work you need a 4 pin mini jack. I dont have any of those around so I figured I'd just add some jacks.

Here's a few pics of the install and solder points, and a quick video demo of the monotribe being driven by a ModSeq (sorry about the camera audio).

Some points to note, first I wired up also for CV/Gate output, this is not yet fully working, I'm hoping it will in the future so I figured I'd wire it up while i was there. The Gate out does work at least (its just the sync out really)

It also seems that the sync in jack is switching, so that if there isn't a jack inserted to sync in then you wont be able to advance the sequencer with the gate in (like you could with the cable) The work around for this is that you can use the gate out (or the sync out jack) to clock your external seq then just mult that to an envelope and send it all back to the monotribe cv/gate ins. I may check this out later to see if I can add a switch.

Anyway, big ups to the muffwigglers on this one, cheers guys!


  1. Hi,
    I saw your video on youtube while looking for decent sound recordings of this unit. There's a slight glitch with mine, and I'm not sure it's my unit that is faulty or if it's inherent to these -- there's a really loud audible pop when I release the gate (whether it comes from the keyboard, another trigger source, but not if I set the hold time past the decay phase of EG2). This is fine for basses and high sounds with no a little less filter, but for for leads, it's quite annoying, especially if you lower the low pass frequency and the overall amplitude decreases.

    It's as though the sustain level is offset from the release initial release level somehow. Do you have similar experiences with your unit? I'm trying to figure out if I should get mine replaced or Deal With It...

    1. the monotribe clicks like crazy, its a design fault

    2. I'm sorry, this was originally meant as a reply to your MS-20 Mini post.