Friday, May 24, 2013

My Gift to You

What's the use of making music if no one hears it?

Well of course it's fun to do, but since I was in the past involved in the music industry, (in a very small way I might add) everytime I make something half decent that thought of sending demos out to labels comes back. In the real world, I've long lost the stamina of doing such things, vinyl is dead (ok its not but that's another debate) and mp3 labels are ten a penny.

So back to the point, here's a track I made quite some time ago and posted on soundcloud, a few people listened and there were a couple of nice comments. So i figured I'd post it here and enable downloads on it.

So have a listen, if you like it download the wav file and put it on a cd or make an mp3 from it, whatever you like (unless you are making money from it of course)


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