Thursday, April 10, 2014

It's not an Aira

But you can find out what the new module is at Trash Audio next month.

Chris (Infradead) will be there manning the DinSync table so don't forget to stop by and remind him to get a haircut!

Here's the full event details

TRASH_AUDIO Synth Meet 14 is currently being planned for Portland, OR on May 24th in conjunction with Muffwiggler’s storefront grand opening!

Synthesizer manufacturers during the day will show, sell, and educate you on their gear and a versatile roster of artists performing in the evening.

Come hang out with us in Portland!

Muffwiggler Store
1414 SE Morrison St
Portland, OR 97214

Confirmed manufacturers
Audio Damage
Anti-Matter Audio
Bubblesound Instruments
BEMI (Buchla)
Darkplace MFG
Din Sync
Division 6
Enclave Cases
Goike Cases
The Harvestman
Keith McMillen Instruments
Lightfoot Labs
Make Noise Modules
Qu-Bit Electronix
Steady State Fate
Tip Top Audio
Verbos Electronics

Confirmed Performers
Richard Devine
Mark Verbos
Oliver Dodd
Twin Braids
Todd Barton

Visuals by brownshoesonly

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