Sunday, June 13, 2010

DIY 8 Step Sequencer - Updated

Just thought I'd show you the new version of my DIY sequencer. In the last video I had it mounted in the modular on an old CD cover. This was taking up about 24HP so i decided to shrink it down to 16HP. I had to use two doepfer 8HP blind panels since unfortunately they don't sell 16HP ones.

I put the LED's into a nice new arrangement and added last step switches inpsired by the video response to the last video by Synthetik. I didn't have double throw switches, so I had to use single throw. So at the moment it doesn't work without the pitch knobs being at maximum. I'll add some double throw in the future to fix that and add the ability to remove the step from the sequence. I'll also add a clock trigger circuit so that I can drive it from the modular clock.

Of course I'll post a video with schematics for that once it's done, which will probably be the last work I do on this particular project.

All in all I think it looks a lot better now and is much more sturdy compared to the original CD case panel.


  1. Hey. Thanks for this (this whole blog!). Do you think i can use a 556 and two 4022s to make a 2x8 step sequencer?. BTW i´m gonna use this scgematic:

  2. What is the situation on this sequencer? I would love to have a couple of them next to my other eurocrack stuff.

    1. no plans to release it as a module, so its a case of DIY

    2. Do you have any plans on posting the schematics?