Saturday, August 7, 2010

DIY Eurorack Modules

I hope you are having a nice summer holiday, anyway in my spare time I've made a few modules for my Eurorack. The inspiration for these came from a Quad Slew design from navs modular lab blog. In that article I came across a link to a DIY page by Doepfer which I hadn't seen before. There's plenty of simple projects there and so I set to work and ended up building a Quad Slew, a Dual Inverter, a CV Amplifier, an Audio Mixer and an expansion port for my A-137-2 Wave Multiplier II. And here's the result.

There's some discussion about the Quad Slew over on the Muff Wigglers Forum

Here's some pictures I took during the build.

The blind panels after drilling

All the hardware mounted (but not yet wired)

Wiring up the Mixer.

Side view of the Mixer, as you can see I glued the opamp to the back of a pot.

Wiring up the Quad Slew.

Wiring up the Dual Inverter / CV Amplifier.

Side view of the Dual Inverter / CV Amplifier, again the opamp is glued to a pot.

Here's what my modular looks like now with the new modules labeled and installed.

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