Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another x0xb0x makeover

Another x0xb0x arrived on my workbench. The machine wasn't functioning and the client wanted it repaired and fitted into an aluminium enclosure. Here's what it looked like pre-op.

The CPU was shot and there was various small problems. The builder of this machine had neglected to put a socket in for the CPU. So it was time to cut out the old one and put the new one in with a socket. I also started to replace the flying leads since Substyler kindly enclosed a set with the case kit.

If you look closely at the bottom of the power PCB you'll notice a few of the component legs hadn't been trimmed flush. Since there's not much room in the alu case these had to be trimmed.

I fitted rest of the flying leads to the power PCB.

And fitted the sockets to the main board and connected it all up.

Then it was a matter of installing the case, here's the end result.

And here's a small video of the machine in action post-op, along with a little TR-909 on the side.


  1. it can be damaged during the gate test if its isntalled and also like any other ic its prone to static which may not show up for a few weeks/months

  2. I did sockets on mine as well... always a good plan I feel.

  3. wow, super-nice! where did you get the box & faceplate?

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