Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A quick look at things to come

Now you probably saw this post where I did a small demonstration of OSC303 and VCF303. Anyway I just received this picture from Pro-Modular who are making the panels for OSC303 so I thought I'd share it with you.

There will be a few subtle revisions but for the most part this is what the first eurorack module will look like.

This should be shipping at the start of next month, more details and specifications soon.


  1. Ah now I understand why there is a bright blue LED on the board, so cool!

  2. hehe yes so you can feel the glow :-D

  3. I think this deserves two woots! And a thumbs up.

  4. two more woots! And yet another thumbs up.

  5. Its more gorgeous than the missus!
    What's the bus enable switch do?
    -I don't yet own a modular... :(

  6. Thanks guys, the main differences between this and the final panels is the waveforms will be a bit larger and the osc303 will be a bit lower.

    @Mick on the eurorack there is a cv bus line on the power cable, most modules have to be set via a jumper to use this. I like to use that bus sometimes so I added the switch to the first prototype and it's been there ever since :) the switch disables the front panel socket and drives the cv from the bus.