Wednesday, June 3, 2015

DrumDokta2 Firmware update 1.2

Whats new:

Added the ability to change the reset behaviour. Some users have reported the clock lagging by a 16th when clocked from Circadian Rhythm or Trigger Riot. This was due to the way the reset was handled. The new mode fixes this.

To change the reset behaviour, hold shift at power on to toggle. The step led will briefly  show either steps 1-4 lit for the old reset behaviour or steps 5-8 for the new reset behaviour. 

CLEAR MEMORY (formerly present but undocumented)
Holding bank and powering on the DrumDokta2 will erase all the contents of the memory. Please use this with caution as there is no undo from this.

Updating the firmware can be done using audio into the clock in jack,  in most cases the file will need to be amplified (it is unlikely to work from a smartphone without boosting).

you can download the new firmware here

here's a quick phone video showing how to do it on a mac


  1. Those knobs look nice. Where can i get them?

  2. I tried this following each step correctly and several times but still not working, still out of phase with regards other machines in my set up. Any ideas?

    1. if you are having problems after he update and after changing the modes still then it wont be related to the dokta but to your clock itself now