Monday, October 12, 2015

Kits kits kits

The kits are currently unavailable but we will have some news about then around the end of feb hopefully.

Thats right, kits! If you haven't noticed over at muffwiggler here and here. We have been putting together partial kits for the VCF303 and MODSEQ. By partial we mean we only supply the difficult to find parts and the easy off the shelf stuff you find yourself. This keeps costs down all round and if you are able to solder and have a eurorack system these offer great value for money.

Here's the price list below.

VCF303 partial kit 780 SEK including VAT (countries outside the EU can deduct 20%) 

MODSEQ partial kit 412 SEK including VAT (countries outside the EU can deduct 20%)

There's a short waiting list so if you would like to be added just drop a line to and we'll let you know when they are available.

Build documentation for these projects are here


please note these are reasonably large downloads.

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