Sunday, September 5, 2010

Roland SH-101 Modifications

You can wire the LFO outputs direct from the rear of the LFO selection knob at these points. Wire the tip of the jack to the point in question and wire the sleeve of the jack to a convienient ground.

You can wire the oscillator outputs direct from the rear of the source mixer faders at these points. Wire the tip of the jack to the point in question and wire the sleeve of the jack to a convienient ground, with the VCF cutoff cv, add a 100k resistor in line to the tip of the jack. To wire up the triange output, simply wire the tip of the jack to pin 10 on the CEM3340 ic. (this is done exactly the same as it is for the MC202 vesrion of this mod, details here)

work in progress...

all done.

6th September UPDATE

I added this picture of my ground wire (red wire center of the pic.) As you can see theres a nice little ground symbol marked on the control board. I found this to be the best place to take ground from for this mod. Also your connection wires should be shielded wire, leave the ground floating at the pcb end (you'll see mine have some heat shrink tubing to insulate the shield from touching the board and connect the shield at the jack end, this will create nice little rf jackets for your "live" wires. If you don't use shielded wire you'll end up with some bleed through from the circuits.


  1. What kind of jacks are you using, and what are you using for the Ground?

  2. Hey man, I added a little update with a pic for the best place to take the ground. For the jacks I used some standard ones you can find at most electronics stores, however make sure you get long barrel ones as the 101 case is quite thick there.

  3. So are you wiring the ground pins of each jack in series then actually grounding the last one? Since i only see one wire going to ground.

  4. thats right, each jacks ground is wired together, also the ground of each jack is wired to the shield of the cable going to each point but not connected at the other end.

  5. Not sure what you mean by "shield of each cable". What type of wiring are you using? I'll be using the same kind of wire i used in my x0xb0x. Just standard wire. I'll have to hit up rat shack and look for some jacks.

  6. shielded wire is wire with a braid around it, rather like coax cable but smaller, if you use plain wire you may well end up with a bunch of noise on your outputs

    it looks like this

  7. Gah, so i need to buy more cabling =o/ Do you happen to have a close up shot of the soldering jobs? You'd think after building 4 x0xb0xes, i'd know all of this... but i guess not =o]

  8. i dont i'm afraid not withotu ripping it all apart. :/

    not sure about those jacks the body might be too long. I just used regular square ones, the important part is having more screw thread, I found some others I have here wouldn't come through the case enough. Theres only so much room in there for the jacks, I think I had 4-5 mm clearance once the keyboard was put back in.