Friday, December 31, 2010

Synovatron DIY Eurorack prototyping kit - Follow Up

As promised here's the follow up video to the Synovatron DIY kit post.

I used the kit to make a simple polarizing CV mixer. To make this all you need is the Synovatron kit, seven 100k resistors, a dual opamp (tl072/tl082/lm358 etc) and an spst switch.

The inputs are unbuffered but you could simply add a couple more opamps to buffer them if you wish.

click the picture to download a PDF of the schematic.

Buy Synovatron DIY Kits on ebay

Visit the Synovatron blog

Ok so this is the last post of the year, hope you have a great 2011




  1. Great post and video, very informative again.
    I might try one of those kits next year, excellent for beginners like me i guess.
    I hope you'll have a great 2011 too!

  2. cheers Pierre, keep on modulating!

  3. I think Paul's CV mixer is an ideal first project, it's very straightforward, not much to go wrong and can be 'pimped' with extras like DC Vref on normaled inputs and +/- level output indicator LEDS with just a few extra components PLUS it's really a very effective module. Buffering the inputs will not do much except give a constant input impedance but this design only varies between 100k and 112.5k anyway so keep it this simple. Great job Paul.

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